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Let me introduce myself...

From offices & teaching to writing

My actual name is Louise M Guillemette and I am a freelance writer and editor.

My background includes an honors degree in science from the University of Guelph, with a major in community nutrition. I completed my final semester in the business hub of Toronto where, promptly after my last exam, I packed away my textbooks and began my chase for the corporate dream job. You know the story; get your foot in the door of a big Fortune 500 company and shine like the superstar you are, bounding up the ladder of success. Well, as reality would have it, job number one didn't quite work-out as planned. But that's ok because it lead to job number two. To read more.

Writing background

Health and well-being are central themes in my life. I donned the woolly leg warmers in the let's-get-physical craze of the 80's, and then in early adulthood, switched my attention to nutrition. Today, like many women, I hold many titles -- mother of three, wife, aspiring writer, ex-teacher, and frazzled 21st century citizen, to name a few --, and my focus has grown to include not only the body, but the mind, spirit, community, and planet. Everyday, I endeavor to live a life of quality that in the process will make this world a better place. Naturally, when I sit at the computer to write, I find myself drawn to issues surrounding family, quality living, and the environment.

To date, I have written articles and various pieces for the Innisfil Enterprise newspaper, Relax Magazine, Barrie Examiner, Focus 50 Plus, and Barrie's City Hall Communications Department, in addition to press releases for the Ladies of the Lake, and abstracts for I also designed, built, and wrote the content for this website. And when I can, I will continue to work on my daily blog about my experiences with the Eat Right For Your Type Diet as well as attempt to finish my first science-fiction novel about time-travel. Check out the book Acceptance by Andreah for which I was a contributing editor.

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A note about this website:

I built this website to showcase my work and land some writing gigs. When I began, I knew absolutely nothing about code and hosting, and only a little about blogging. It took about a month to grasp some understanding of HTML and CSS sheets, which were used to build Weezy Writer. Learning to apply the concepts of SEO (search engine optimization), traffic, graphics, multiple browser functionality, and other related topics that guarantee a successful website is an ongoing process. So keep coming back to see how the site adapts and improves along with me.

Louise Mandar

I built this website from scratch. Feel free to explore and have a look-see.