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Let me introduce myself...

How I came to write

My actual name is Louise Mandar and I am a freelance writer and editor.

My background includes an honors degree in science from the University of Guelph, with a major in community nutrition. I completed my final semester in the business hub of Toronto where, promptly after my last exam, I packed away my textbooks and began my chase for the corporate dream job. You know the story; get your foot in the door of a big Fortune 500 company and shine like the superstar you are, bounding up the ladder of success. Well, as reality would have it, job number one didn't quite work-out as planned. But that's ok because it lead to job number two.

My corporate dream fizzled-out by job number three. Mostly out of desperation, I accepted a one year teaching contract. In my kindergarten classroom of the most intellectual, competitive and eager minds ever(no kidding!), I reconnected with my creative side and entertained the possibility of making a living from doing the things I love: writing, reading, and learning. The path to writing was set.

By 2005, I had worked in such industries as automotive, clothing retail, food, education, and medical, holding various positions from account manager to marketing coordinator to teacher. And, as my family grew, I naturally gravitated towards freelancing from home, putting this wide range of experience and skills to good use.

My science education taught me to research with a methodological and analytical approach, while my past employment, as well as family experiences, exposed me to different industries and potential audiences. I can't help but apply this mixed bag of tricks to my writing, helping me churn out well researched, balanced, and reader-targeted prose.

Luckily, when it comes to writing, you can learn as much from life as from sitting in a classroom.

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Louise Mandar

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