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Freelance Services

Articles and Newsletters

I provide informational pieces for your newsletter, magazine, website, and ezine. See my bio for a summary of my background.

Schooled in the sciences, I fully research all topics and write concise, intelligent, and fully sourced copy while keeping it simple. As a freelancer and website owner, I understand the need for customer relevant articles in order to increase readership, create opportunities for branding and building relationships and loyalty, ultimately leading to sales.


Web Content

Looking to revitalize your website, or simply add new content? Maybe you would like to include a blog to increase traffic and create an ongoing relationship with your customers to keep them coming?

Good web writing along with a few other steps will steer search engines to your site and along with them, potential clients. If those clients find value in the content they read, they will keep coming back.

All work can be done electronically, or directly in your HTML files.

I also supply blogs and articles for various websites. See writing background on the site's about me page for more on these.

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With an accumulated background of teaching, marketing, and writing, I have experience in proofreading and editing for both print and online media. I provide all levels of editing, from grammar basics (copyediting) to style and structure (substansive editing).

Editing can be done electronically so that you can quickly make corrections, then copy and paste directly into your HTML page or documents. Should you require full service for online text, my knowledge of HTML allows me to work directly on your files.

Check out the novel Acceptance by Andreah of which I was a contributing editor.

Dear Louise,

Read about it at Chapters IndigoI would like to take this time to thank you for your fabulous editing of my book "Acceptance". I can only imagine how difficult it is to be an editor and work on what could be many years of a person's life, wrapped in pages of words.

Your skillful editing, and compassionate handling of this Author's ego, was greatly appreciated, and I would not hesitate to recommend you and your editing service to
anyone. I look forward to working with you again.


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Louise Mandar

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